Case Study: Making an existing site Responsive/Mobile Optimised

On many occasions, website owners are quite happy with their sites and do not wish to have them redesigned or redeveloped to make them responsive – to work across all devices.  With over 70% of all website traffic – even in Business-to-Business engagement – being on a mobile or handheld device, coupled with Google’s de-ranking of non-responsive sites, having a mobile-optimised site is more important than ever.  Business owners are missing out on sales to their competitors if they choose to continue ignoring the values of a responsive website.

Recently we undertook the work to convert an existing website – Henderson CommercIal – to be mobile and responsive.  The client was very happy with the original site’s design and asked that ITC Digital convert the site to be responsive.  The work required analysing the current design, CSS and HTML build.  We then converted the site to the popular “grid” format which will allow different elements to respond down differently depending on screen size.

As the site was already built on the open-source WordPress platform, we were able to utilise WordPress’ inbuilt options for mobile/responsive themes.  After making some content alterations, we converted the current text and images to best respond to the various screen sizes encountered when users browse sites.  This included manipulating images and text for Case Study, About Us and Accreditations pages which had a potentially tricky layout.

Finally, we browser-tested across a variety of devices – both desktop, hand-held and mobile.  The end result was a site which was true to its original form but now works across all devices.  This not only will help the client to convert more site users into customers but will assist in ranking the site higher on major search engines.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help to convert your current site to be responsive or to install a Content Management System with mobile optimisation, please get in touch.