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Launching a new website for ITC Service

It’s always nice to work in-house, so developing a new website presence for our sister company, ITC digital, was a great project to be involved in

Whilst meeting the primary objectives of a website, the old ITC Service website was starting to look a little dated.  It no longer reflected the great work that ITC Service do in the field of IT support – with over 400 clients and a 98% client retention rate.  ITC Digital’s first task was to identify the range of services offered by ITC Service and create a sitemap.  The good old Post-it Note was found a valuable resource in working with the management team to create a coherent, user-friendly sitemap.  It was key to ensure that everything was covered but in an easy-to-find format.

ITC Service Planning

To give the best impression of the great work ITC Service do and their fantastic facilities and staff, a professional photographer was engaged to take a series of shots of the ITC Service staff working on various scenarios.  Key to the photography was capturing the essence of ITC Service, including the brand, the colours (especially the red) and the dynamic art dotted around the building.

ITC Service Photography

Once the photography was complete, the most impactful images were collated, edited and organised for use on the new website.  The design of the site was inspired by both the photography and the brand of ITC – a combination of white, black and red.  ITC Digital built up the site with layouts that complimented the range of services they offer, with distinct layouts for Home, Services, Testimonials and Blog.  With the good work that ITC Service do, we decided to feed a randomly-selected Testimonial into most of the Services pages, so that potential customers could see real praise from existing customers.

ITC Service About

As with all ITC Digital projects, the site is fully responsive across all devices and many hours were spent testing the site across browsers and different mobiles and tablets.  The current ITC Service website has good SEO rankings and an active Adwords presence, so it was important to fully review the old website’s sitemap and create a table of 301 redirects.  301 redirects are important for two main reasons – firstly they divert website users to the most appropriate page if they visit an old link which no longer exists, and secondly, they preserve any search engine rankings from the previous page or site.

After a full review period with ITC Service, the site was launched and the ITC Service staff trained on making the best use of the site.  We’re very proud to work with our sister company and hope you enjoy visiting the site –  ITC Service Ltd.

If you would like to talk to us about creating a new website for your business like ITC Service please get in touch.