ITC Digital’s Rebrand

In order to improve our digital presence and online user experience, ITC Digital has launched our new corporate brand. Even though the company is less than 12 months old, a series of key wins and rapid growth has made the old branding obsolete.

Creative Manager Nikki Jefferson took the design back to basics – retaining the original ITC red square icons – and completely reinvented the design for the modern digital age. The process that we went through was very extensive to make sure that we got the brand bang on! Nikki began the task by thinking about the brands positioning; defining an archetype and then creating mood boards to get a feel for which direction we wanted to take the brand to. Thinking about our ethos ‘Lives to provide solutions, to critique and improve’ we looked at some brands that we believe have a similar ethos as ourselves or who we would aspire to be like. We looked at brands like Lego and Adobe and found that their values fit with our own values of being  ‘Fun, Creative, Future Proof, and Reliable’, from this we concluded that our brand archetype would be a ‘Creator’ and began thinking about what that might look like.

Desires freedom while at the same time deeply motivated by control
Motto: You can depend on me
Desires: Help and Create
Goal: To give form to a vision



By creating mood boards we were able to identify and eliminate certain tones and colours. This really helped when it came to picking a colour palette and thinking about deliverables fitting with our tone of voice. Red was a really key colour firstly because it was a homage to the original brand, secondly, it is a very physical colour which represents courage, strength and warmth. We also chose the colours yellow and blue because they are reflective of awareness and vision but also intelligence and trust.

When it came to designing the logo, the goal was to somehow make it fit with our sister company ITC Service but also be our own recognisable brand. We made a conscious decision to keep the red square as both Digital and Service use this. We began to scamp out the design using symbols and shapes that was reflective of HTML coding used within web design in an abstract way so that it looks visually pleasing but also has a purpose. One member of staff commented that ‘It looks a little like a puzzle’ which to be honest so is coding, meaning that the logo does exactly what we intended it to do.

We then went onto designing deliverables; business cards, invoices, proposal documents, icons, a website etc… A font was chosen that would be used throughout all of these elements, we chose a font that would complement the type created in our logo; a bold and clear sans typeface, while also being modern, friendly and confident. From stationary to online presence and social media – all elements have been designed to complement each other and the brand ethos.

Operations Manager Colin Harris said “The company has grown massively since its inception – we have a great team of 7 unique talented professionals and an impressive range of skills and work to showcase. The old brand just didn’t reflect where we are now, punching above our weight in a competitive marketplace”.

ITC Digital provides a range of full Agency services, from Brand, Website Design, Custom Cloud-Software Builds and Digital Marketing to businesses throughout the North East region and beyond.