ITC Digitals crowning achievements

Here at ITC Digital, we work around the clock to create the best possible product that we can for our customers.  In this blog, we detail some of our more recent work, give client quotes and back stories of the websites directly from the owners of each.

When making a website we will have multiple engagements with our clients to ensure that everything we are doing meets their requests. We make changes continually, mixing in our own skills and ensure that the product we make is of the highest quality.  Adding in a mix of our skills and experience helps bring the best out of projects.

Not only do we design and launch websites, but we also conduct SEO on some projects. SEO is a complicated process in which we aim to have a website rank high on search engines and continuously ensure that the site is optimized for the user and Google at the same time. Stay tuned for a blog post detailing our Search Engine Optimisation work.

Crown ASL

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Crown ASL website.

Crown Doors and Shutters Ltd was formed in 2007 by the present directors, employing 25 people, and based in a 6500 sq. ft. factory, manufacturing high-quality aluminium systems, steel security and fire products.  It operates from its manufacturing base in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

Crown ASL

Crown states, “In all industries and particularly in ours, the quality of our design capability gives the quality of service we feel all our clients require and deserve.” We completely agree with their statement, we offer our best at every given moment just like Crown.

When comparing our industries, we look like entirely different species but if you look deeper and discover the important facts, you find that we are all the same. We strive to deliver the best possible product and our teams of talented designers and developments all give it their all.

Andrew Mersh from Crown Doors and Shutters explained to us the backstory of his old website. They inherited a website for different business and the customer had it rebranded.  However, that site badly needed updating to meet levels of expectation in 2019. Not only did Andrew want his site to be modern but he also wanted his site to stand out and be noticeable.

Andrew explains working alongside ITC Digital on his website was enjoyable and he had good communication with us stating: “They easily managed our website production, ITC Digital fit around my time restrictions and even did site visits to update me on the progress and review design work”.

Intelligent Gas & Power

Intelligent Gas & Power is a national utility company making a positive difference to business owners large and small across the UK.  They are avid on sustainability and green energy to the point where they fit smart bulbs around their premises to save power and use fewer bulbs overall cutting a huge part out of maintains and costs.

Intel Water2

We asked Simon Edminson at Intelligent Gas & Power about the back story behind his company. Simon explains that living in a time and age such as this, there should be no reason for any business not to have a website. He explained his reasoning behind this as being “if a client or customer hears of your company, one of the first things they will do is google you.

If you don’t have a website nor any online presence, how is anyone supposed to find you? It’s just going to drive them away as your business begins to look shady”. Simon explained that having a website also gives his company a platform to market that service. It allows him to use the site as a showcase tool and a lead generator.

As part of our project in creating the website we were also tasked to create a new brand.  A process of continuous feedback with Simon resulted in creating a brand and company logo.  Key for the designs were the air of credibility and authority.

“There was always something new for me to review and give feedback on”

intell bottle2

During the time that the project was underway to create a website for Intelligent Gas & Power, there was a continues stream of information – both in giving feedback and supplying the content to populate the website.

Simon stated, “There was lots of back and forth between us, there was always something new for me to review and give feedback on, Nikki especially worked hard to make sure there was always something for me to see”.

“ITC Digital was very responsive to our needs”

Simon explained that he was grateful at the fact that we always made sure to fit ourselves around his schedule. He stated that he was happy we even took the time out of the day to do a site visit to show new content.

From this, we gained feedback there and then, this all helped us develop Intelligent Gas & Power’s website. We had instant feedback and could make immediate changes to the site at a moment’s notice.

“we have a good back and forth and they were very responsive” – Simon Edminson