Brand Journey of Intelligent Gas & Power

Who is Intelligent Gas & Power?

Intelligent Gas & Power is a national utility company making a positive difference to business owners large and small across the UK. Intelligent Gas & Power place their customers at the heart of everything they do, offering tailored solutions to utility partners based on their size, risk appetite, and utility requirements. Providing access to industry-leading technology, platforms and data analytics delivering future proofed, sustainable solutions to business.

Our Process

Vision Board

With every project that we take on, we go through a brand Journey to understand how to correctly represent our client’s brand. We work through many steps in the process starting with a vision board where we can identify the key features of the brand and what they stand for/represent.

When creating a vision board, we take inspiration from the company’s goals and aims – their messages and aspirations. In the example of Intelligent Gas & Power, the company’s ideas are in the green and sustainable energy market, represented in a smart, modern and professional environment.


Colour Pallet

From the vision board, we are now able to create a colour palette. Not every colour will be used but it is good to have variations that we can use within the process.

Intelligent Gas & Power is a green and sustainable energy company – this can be embodied by the colour green.  The colour blue and white for their professional nature was selected, with yellow representing a calming and friendly nature. Purple was used as a representation of the futuristic approach that Intelligent Gas & Power take with their work; while also embodying a calm and friendly nature.

Initial Scamps

Scamps are where we experiment with different ideas to create a basic logo that will be pitched to the client for feedback.

The initial scamps are created with the name of the company in mind alongside the main aspect of their business, being Power. As can be seen within the first scamp, Intelligent Gas & Power’s name has been used alongside a flame representing the Gas aspect of the company.

Above the I in Intelligent Gas and Power we can see some lines emanating off the letter acting as if the I is, in fact, a light bulb producing light – again incorporating the key aspect of the business. A few variations of this are produced to different usage scenarios.

Final Logo

Final Design

Once we have feedback from the client we can then begin to redesign, refine and finalise the preferred logo idea. This way our clients can see the progression every step of the way and have direct visibility over the creation of their brand.

The final design that was agreed upon was the name of the company (Intelligent Gas & Power) with an “I“ surrounded by two rings.  This was to represent Gas & Power in an endless nature, referencing the fact the Intelligent Gas & Power seek new ways to provide sustainable and green energy.

The logo was agreed upon as the client deemed a clean professional and smart logo was most representative.

Icon Design

The icon is used as a brand identifier as a shorthand of the business values and appeal. For example, Apple’s iconic apple is immediately identifiable with the company. Another example would be Amazon, Amazon’s logo is simply their company name with an arrow, but this is such an intelligent design as the arrow starts at A in Amazon and ends at Z. Doing this, Amazon display that they offer products ranging from A to Z.

For Intelligent Gas and Power’s icon, we used the “I” encompassed by two circles as it is a clean, easily identifiable image that can be easily traced back to Intelligent Gas & Power.  The two circles represent the two key aspects of the business being Gas & Power but also represents the fact that Intelligent Gas & Power seek to provide renewable and sustainable energy.

Business Cards IGP
Marketing Material

Marketing Material

We moved on to creating business cards. We take the icon that we have created, and we add it to a custom business card where we include all information supplied by the client.This ranged from contact information to business location.

We will also create some marketing material that can be used for social media or actual print documents. Graphics that can be sent out to clients or can be used in magazines or as promotional content.

Throughout this process, we will have also developed typography that can be used for all relevant content that suits that brand best.

A great brand captures a business’s model; our brand enables customers to see that Intelligent Gas & Power are a reliable provider of renewable and sustainable energy; helping the environment at the same time as supplying Gas and Power to businesses across the United Kingdom.