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We were approached by BIMSafe to create a bespoke solution for an outdated and unprotected method of supplying clients with 3D health and safety symbols. This lead to the rapid bespoke development of software over three stages, and a mobile application spanning across both Andriod and IOS.

Who are Bimsafe?


The goal of BIMsafe is to bring health and safety solutions in 3D modelling with 3D symbols in accordance with Pas 1192-6 regulations. To do this, Callsafe Services, a health and safety management company approached Cassidy Forsythe with over 30 years’ experience in 3D modelling to create BIMsafe. This lead to the rapid bespoke development of software over three stages, and a mobile application spanning both Andriod and IOS.



BIMsafe is a health and safety solution provider within the 3D modelling industry, With over 30 years’ experience in developing software for the BIM market. They provide custom 3D symbols, fully integrated into CAD and 3D modelling software, to highlight Health and Safety dangers in construction and planning.


As an example, their symbols highlight risks to workers and the general public on construction sites. The 3D symbol is interactable dependant on the assessed risk and is then inserted into plans with a raft of additional features and functions.


They are the market leaders and specialists in this industry and enjoy relationships with several high-profile companies.


What was their need? 


Previous to our engagement, BIMsafe would deliver their software via Excel spreadsheets and cloud-based public storage. This method was not only crude but also provided no protection for BIMsafe’s Intellectual Property. In simple terms, anyone could copy their Excel documents and distribute them at will. The Health and Safety world is constantly changing, so the only way BIMsafe could issue new symbols to clients was by resending the Excel document. This is obviously far from ideal and time-consuming.


The client originally approached ITC with the idea of sharing this information via Office or SharePoint; however, we quickly discovered that they would require bespoke software due to the specific nature of their commercial requirements.  


Finally, the customer base of BIMsafe often worked in areas where there is no active internet connection. Therefore, they required a mobile app to allow their users to manage on-site risks with data synchronization once a stable connection was attained.



What issues did we solve?


The main benefits of our software solution system are:


  • The protection of IP (intellectual property) by multi-level permissions
  • Immediate delivery of software updates by cloud methodology
  • Multiple commercial levels i.e. trial accounts, time-limited accounts, and subscriptions
  • Ability to customise symbols, adding data from each risk location immediately
  • Customer ability to invite other users to interact with projects and risks
  • Integration across the cloud portal, iOS, and Android mobile app
  • Various export options to download data as Excel, PDF or raw data
  • Secure cloud hosting with SSL certificate protecting sensitive information


One major benefit of the system is the real-time nature of risk data. Our software for QR code generation allows codes to be printed and placed at the site of potential risks. Contractors or the public can scan each code, resulting in the immediate display of all-important risk data.


How was it delivered? 


Over 3 months, we delivered 4 stages of the software. We used our agile software development principles to quickly turnaround BIMsafe’s vision. This allowed the client to quickly demonstrate and market the software to their customer base, who were thrilled with the prospects of the software. BIMsafe now has a stable cloud-based portal and 2 mobile apps to deliver their unique solutions in a modern, responsive, reliable framework.

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