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Case Study: Digital Asset Management System

ITC Digital has created a system that allows the digital storage of assets and content as well their monetisation and distribution.


ITC Digital was approached by I2media, a leading publisher of magazines and digital marketing materials for the Fitness, MMA, and Boxing industries. Their publications are known worldwide stretching back 2 decades. A recent office move unearthed a large collection of digital media, and the owners decided on a strategy to both protect and monetise this material.

What the client said

David Godden, SIA Team Leader, said: “We have developed a great working relationship with ITC Digital. With any new project, adaptability is vital to its success and ITC Digital has delivered perfect solutions on demand. We appreciate their creativity and attention to detail in bringing our vision to fruition. “

Step 1

We began this project by finding the best solution to transferring large amounts of data from a variety of different storage solutions and uploading them to a single platform.

After research, we concluded that the best solution for both the protection of the data and the monetisation of the data would be to use an Azure-based platform. This allows the data to be accessed from any location in the world at any time while giving both ourselves and the client plenty of room for customisation.

Step 2

With all the data uploaded there is a total of more than 20,000 files, ordinarily, this would cause loading issues while searching for any file but thanks to the handiwork of our development team the system can now display results almost instantly from any search. The instant and intelligent search include functions such as keyword, gender, file type and word count to search through 20,000+ files.

Step 3

The software was rapidly developed with several factors in mind. Firstly, the client needed a full-featured “drag and drop” interface to quickly upload content, images, and infographics. Secondly, the potential customers for this system needed a quick way to find content so an intelligent tagging and word count system was added. Finally, the client needed a secure way to invite customers to access the system via their own unique passwords.

Currently, the client has uploaded over 23,000 assets from their backlog of articles. I2media is currently close to putting the system out to the market and monetising the assets that were once living in a pile of boxes.