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What makes a good website? – Part 1

Our Creative Manager, Nikki Jefferson, takes us through the first of two parts – what makes a good website?

We all know a good website from a bad one, often it’s poor design or clashing colours.  But how do you actually quantify a good or bad website?  Of course, all ITC Digital websites are fab, but not every customer is as lucky.

  1. A Strong, but Limited, Colour Palette: Colour schemes and colour usage are very important when it comes to modern web design. A strong colour palette will help create cohesiveness between everything your business puts out. Too many colours become visually distracting, so most modern website designs opt for only two or at the most three in their major design elements. Simplifying the colour scheme of your site makes it easier to focus.
  2. Responsive Hero Images: As we mentioned before, a good website should be able to attract your attention and guide your eyes down the page.  If you incorporate hero images throughout your website, you can ensure that visitors will keep looking around.
  3. Plenty of White Space: White space is a term used for the amount of “empty” space that acts as a buffer between all the elements on your page, including copy, sidebar, margins, etc. doesn’t necessarily even have to be white. Things should have room to breathe; if your website is crowded, it is very hard to direct the attention of your visitor’s eye. White space makes for a clean design that is easily digestible and organised, keeping space open on your page will allow your reader to navigate their way around the page with more ease.
  4. Valuable Calls to Action: These should be strategically incorporated into your website design and are very important for gathering the contact information (at least an email address) of your visitors so that you can continue conversations with them as leads and convert them into customers. Include relevant CTAs in optimal places throughout your website – at the end of blog posts, in the sidebars, and in your resources page, to name a few. And don’t forget to place a CTA on your homepage!
  5. High-Quality Product Videos: As video marketing continues to grow more and more popular among both B2C and B2B businesses, many companies have started adding product videos and other company feature videos to their website. Doing this can help highlight your brand’s personality and show off what your business has to offer your customers. These short videos allow for your prospect to quickly understand value without watching a long, in-depth experience.

Part 2 of this series of What makes a good website is now available.

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