Bespoke Software Demonstration

Bespoke Cloud Software Demonstration

Who wouldn’t want to view a quick 2-minute bespoke cloud software demonstration video?

We’ve made a bit of a reputation delivering high-quality bespoke software to our clients, so we’d thought we’d give you a bespoke cloud software demonstration video of your own.

This video showcases an example Project Management, Human Resources (HR), and Invoicing system.  The software was built from the ground up, and is completed hosted in a Cloud environment.

The key features of this particular bespoke software include:

  • Multi-layered, multi-level user permissions
  • Holiday, staffing, and hours management
  • CRM, Onboarding and Projects management
  • Projects overview grid
  • Full system action logging
  • Management and Personal Dashboards
  • Production management and workload predictions
  • Timesheet and Overtime system
  • Project timesheets and breakdowns
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Invoicing, Emailing, PDF download, and payment logging
  • Integration with Sage accountancy software
  • TV views for showing on large screens

Why Bespoke Cloud Software?

Many of the functions within this software can be bought off the shelf.  We don’t argue with this.  But many off-the-shelf products fall short in two key areas: flexibility and cost.

Our bespoke software is built from the ground up to match the specification of our clients, starting from the login screen.  The client gets exactly what they want: a system that does everything they need without paying for functionality they don’t need.

Additionally, the software is the property of the customer.  There are no license fees, per-user fees, or per-device fees.  Everything runs from a web browser on any modern device – pc, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.  Apart from a small client hosting charge, there are no ongoing costs.  Our partners at ITC Service can even help your business with the latest in rugged tablets and remote devices for off-site access.

Finally, the software is infinitely extendable.  As clients grow and take on new functions, we can use our skills to build on modular elements to their system.  This may include single sign-on, taking payments, stock systems, payroll, and purchasing.  The possibilities are endless.

Would you like Bespoke Software for your business?

Speak to us today about a quotation for building your business its own software.  Then you can put the costly CRM systems in the bin and put the Excel and Access databases to bed.  Qualifying businesses may also enjoy up to 40% funding for any bespoke software or cloud development project.