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ITC Digital is proud to launch a brand new website for Town & City: a leading residential property manager. Alongside this, we also developed a portal with its own app as a way to enable the people living in their properties to access information.


The client gave clear instructions to create a modern, responsive website. Making the most of the client’s clean brand and blue shades, ITC Digital created a new website design to meet the client’s main objectives to market the company and make them stand out from the crowd. The aim of the portal was to strengthen its position in the marketplace and enable them to take on new clients, as the business exceeds its growth ambitions. It was to have a client user face and also a section for residents to use.


What the client said:

“What is at the market is not what we want – it is either limited in functionality or too “locked-in” – making the client sign long-term contracts for functionality we’re going to use. We need something bespoke.”


We listened to the client’s concerns and removed all the barriers they had in coming up with the perfect solution. The main purpose of this portal was for the tenant to easily report and issue and upload any supporting images and make payments. Using the information provided by the client, we outlined a detailed site map and then made mockup designs (desktop & mobile) to demonstrate how we envisaged the portal to look, sent them across to the client for revision.


After receiving feedback from the client we were then able to amend our mockups, send back to the client for any final revisions and make those amendments. We held a meeting with the client to thoroughly discuss any changes, ensuring there were no misunderstandings.


We then moved on to build the portal on a test environment, so the client could interact with the user face and test out screens to make sure that it worked (for both them and their tenants) as they wanted it to and then make any necessary amendments.


Finally, once the client was happy with the portal, we made it live and from this, we developed this for an app.

You can download the app from the app store for apple and for android.

You can also read more about the portal here

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What the client said:

“We wish to replace our old website as it looks out of date and isn’t very easy to use. We need a modern responsive website, with clean design and simplified navigation.”


We conducted some research and looked at competitor sites to gather ideas for layout and page design. Using the information provided by the client, from the existing website, our research and the portal screens we designed we felt we had enough information to go straight to developing the site in a test environment, rather than make mockups.


Once we had built up the main pages of the website, we sent the demonstration site across to the client for them to view and then provide some feedback in regards to the changes they want.


Finally, we added all the required content and images and tested each page across multiple devices. Once ourselves and the client were happy, we made the site live.

The end result can be view at