ITC Ninja Powershell

ITC Ninja Powershell – Extending award-winning software

So you have award-winning digital software so what do you do?  You keep improving it of course!

What is ITC Ninja?

ITC Ninja is the solution for many issues that the modern business has daily. Ninja is a Microsoft Azure-based platform that provides cloud applications and computing. You can choose to live in the desktop environment utilising the cloud computing component or you can have remote applications that run from the cloud but are presented to your local machine.

Improving Ninja – the Powershell

The ITC Ninja Powershell system is designed to enable the administration of the Ninja azure infrastructure.  This is achieved through an easy-to-use, secure web interface, and create audit trails of system actions. Actions include the ability to view Ninja RDS server user sessions, killing user sessions and resetting Ninja AD account passwords, or unlocking Ninja AD accounts.

This system is a newer version of the original, utilising a new bespoke Golang based 24/7 daemon running on a ITC server, which relays PowerShell command requests from the ITC Ninja Powershell system directly to the Ninja infrastructure.  It returns their output (or stdout). Other improvements include more detailed user action audit logging, and administration of the Active Directory Organizational Units and servers in the Ninja infrastructure directly from the web interface, rather than fetching these from a plain text file. Performance of requests to Ninja is overall much improved, and more reliable. The system also implements a full role-based access control system for user permissions, allowing much higher flexibility in terms of user control, this works in hand with the new Microsoft Azure Single Sign-on which makes logging into the interface much more pleasant.

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To find out more about ITC Ninja, please visit the ITC Ninja website.