ADC Brand Journey

Who are ADC?

Initially, the company was formed to provide a repair/rewind service of industrial electric motors to the shipbuilding repair and engineering businesses in the North East. It quickly extended the base so as to provide a similar service to all types of industry.

The core business was extended to include the supply of new electric motors and the manufacture of air-cooled transformers and iron and air chokes.

Our Process

Vision Board

With every project that we take on, we go through a ‘Brand Journey’ to understand how to correctly represent our client’s brand. We work through many steps in this process starting with a vision board where we can identify the key features of the brand and what they stand for/represent.

When creating a vision board, we take inspiration from the company’s goals and aims – their messages and aspirations. In the example of ADC, we wanted to represent the brand as being environmentally friendly, trusting and portray intelligence. The client was keen on adapting lightning bolt to keep familiarity with the brand.

Colour Palette

From the vision board, we are now able to create a colour palette. Not every colour will be used but it is good to have variations that we can use within the process; usually a primary set of colours and secondary colours.

Blue is used to be representative of the ‘electrical’ nature of the business. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Businesses that want to project an image of security often utilise blue in their advertising and marketing efforts. We also used a dark blue as it communicates absolute clarity, sophistication and uncompromising excellence.


Initial Scamps

Using the mood board and colour palette, we can create various initial scamps where we experiment with different ideas to create a basic logo that will be pitched to the client for feedback.

When designing we aim to achieve a logo that accurately reflects the brand as well as an icon/submark that the client can use. We experimented using a different letter of the company name, along with a lightning bolt to try and design an icon that was both interesting to look at but also obvious as to what letter it is representing

Final Logo

Once we have feedback from the client we can then begin to redesign, refine and finalise the preferred logo idea. This way our clients can see the progression every step of the way and have direct visibility over the creation of their brand.

The agreed final design incorporates the lightning bolt from the old logo to create familiarity and also representative of electricity. This was also a simple, clean logo that would transfer onto brand materials easily.

Brand Materials

Another aspect of the brand journey was creating some business card and also showcase how that logo would look across the company vans.

Once the Brand Journey is complete, clients tend to request further marketing materials such as; email signatures, leaflets etc… and then eventually company websites, all of which we can deliver.

Do you have a logo that is outdated or a brand that needs the perfect logo creating? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!


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