ITC Ninja – improving on award-winning software with ITC Digital

One of the unique features of ITC Service’s client offering is the ITC Ninja platform, and we’ve just made it a little better

ITC Ninja is a unique set of software and server solutions, which allow software not traditionally hosted in “the Cloud” to be hosted as such.  That means that desktop software can be accessed from anywhere, without having to be installed on each PC, and from any device worldwide with Internet access.

Lead by software developer Callum Garven, we recently undertaken a range of improvements to this software which made headlines by winning awards last year. Clients benefit from much easier access to core software, and the ITC team find managing Ninja much simpler and secure.

Changes were made to ITC Ninja Powershell to implement real-time management of the Azure Infrastructure behind ITC Ninja. Also added were user experience improvements across the system to make it simpler to use.

The changelog is as below:

  • Navigation Icons are now a consistent width
  • Audit log now has correct default sort order
  • The dashboard has adjusted icons
  • Fix multi-management of organizational units
  • Implement Azure Management, communication with the Azure Management REST API in order to authenticate with oauth2 and then; start, stop, deallocate and get virtual machines.
  • Implement new permission group: View Service Health, Power Off Servers, Power On Servers, Deallocate Servers
  • Implement the Ninja Service Health overview page, listing all Ninja servers. Server VM names are calculated by taking the name before the first ‘.’
  • Redis implementation across the system so things should be super speedy again (helps with RBAC comparisons and the service health internal caching)
  • Child rows in tables that use APIs to display the row contents now have a loading spinner to help show something is happening to the user, these icons were also adjusted.
  • Add tooltips to every action button across all of the management tables, helping users experience

Find out more about ITC Ninja on the ITC Service Website –