Amox Logo Design

Amox Design LTD Brand Journey

Who are Amox Design LTD?

Amox was created by Mr. David William Harrison who boasts over 15 years of experience in the Timber Frame Design industry. Working directly with frame manufactures and engineers, Amox uses the design process which takes the greatest advantage of the off-site benefits of construction; using two of the industry-leading CAD software packages Amox delivers high-quality detailed products throughout the UK.
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Brand Journey of Intelligent Gas & Power

Who is Intelligent Gas & Power?

Intelligent Gas & Power is a national utility company making a positive difference to business owners large and small across the UK. Intelligent Gas & Power place their customers at the heart of everything they do, offering tailored solutions to utility partners based on their size, risk appetite, and utility requirements. Providing access to industry-leading technology, platforms and data analytics delivering future proofed, sustainable solutions to business. Continue reading


Slack’s Slick New Look!

There has been a lot of talk over social media this past week about Slacks recent rebrand.

Ditching the hashtag in search of something new and fresh. Pentagram explored a wide range of possibilities for the new identity, from options that suggested connect-the-dots, complex knots, emojis and people-like shapes, to systems that celebrated the platform’s unique visual vocabulary. The new octothorpe is comprised of two basic geometric shapes, a speech bubble and lozenge. The idea is that the speech bubble is to evoke communication and connectivity. Continue reading