e-commerce product image recognition

Image Recognition Technology: how will you use it NOW with your Website or System?

In the labs

We’ve put it through the paces and we impressed our colleagues with its power.  In a very short space of time, it recognised that our office was a building, property, etc, and also that a plant was, well, a plant.

Google Vision Image Recognition

The new E-Commerce

The game-changer for E-commerce is giving your customers the ability to upload a picture of the product they want, and it matches with the products in your database.  Are they matching the shape, colour, type of product, size, number?  Well, our investigations have found we have the power to match all these parameters to customers. Don’t believe us?  Here’s a real-world example, scanning a Rubik’s cube:

e-commerce product image recognition

Pretty neat?  It matches not only Rubik’s Cubes but also products associated with them – in this case, phone covers too.

The power behind the idea

So we’ve been busy in the labs at ITC Digital working away with the source of this exciting piece of technology – such as Google Vision and Microsoft Azure.

Google Vision is an API launched by the great technology company, which allows software developers like ourselves to tap into their Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines.  This then gives us the ability to add image recognition tech to our developments.

That’s quite a lot of functionality to go through, and it can add massive amounts of power and time saving to your website or system.

What else?

We’ve lots of ideas we will be putting in place with our software products, and some strategies we will be talking to our partners with, such as:

  • Facial recognition for door entry and security systems
  • Text recognition on scanning products and text, auto launching links, and media
  • Automated mood training software – video conferencing where the mood of the participants is detected and fed back
  • Augmented Reality – imaging the area around you for automated recognition of landmarks, shops, and buildings
  • Engineering – parts recognition and batching on the production line and warehousing
  • Architecture – matching building designs with client requirements
  • Security – self-scanning areas of shops, exit and entry systems, CCTV
  • Archiving and Collections searches and mining
  • Social media and VR enhancements
  • Food – scanning meals and automatically tagging what the food is, where to buy from or dine out

Do you have an idea you’d like to explore with us?  Why not get in touch to discuss your great project with us.




Property Management Software

Launching Mobile Apps and Web Portal for the Property industry

Our client, Town and City Management Limited, came to us with an intriguing proposition.  As a leading residential property manager, they required a way to enable the people living in their properties to access information.  They had several existing IT providers in place but nothing was helping them reach their end goal.

To add to their frustrations, what was at market was not what they wanted – it was either limited in functionality or too “locked-in” – making the client sign long-term contracts for functionality they never were going to use.  That is where they had a discussion with the team at ITC.

We listened to the client’s concerns and removed all the barriers they had in coming up with the perfect solution.  We created a portal and mobile phone application which:

  • Had real-time integration with their in-house Property Management software, TRAMMPS
  • Was easy to use for their administration team
  • Allowed Town and City to quickly set up properties and users
  • Had multiple permissions so different users could access various areas
  • Enabled customers to view the latest news and report problems
  • Online billing with a payment gateway to enable customers to pay rental bills and other expenses
  • Launch a second Property Inspection app to allow Town and City staff to report in real-time the results of their inspections

The portal and app save man-hours within Town and City as their staff does not have to manually process data, take payments, and send letters.  The portal will also strengthen its position in the marketplace and enable them to take on new clients, as the business exceeds its growth ambitions.  With a powerful technology solution behind them and the ongoing support of ITC, they can take their next steps on their business growth journey.

Mobile application make payment
Joanne Hanson of Town and City said:

“We approached ITC for ideas on how we can communicate with our residents, we wanted to move with the times but didn’t want to purchase an off the shelf system, we wanted something tailored to our residents, something we could tweak along the way and make more personal and specific to our business.  ITC came up with the idea of the ”At Home With TCML” Portal, and over the last few months they have developed it into an amazing communication tool for our residents.  We are excited for the launch it will greatly change the way we communicate with residents creating a more streamlined, around-the-clock advice and support tool.”

To speak to us above creating bespoke software and mobile applications for your business, please get in touch.  To see the work created for Town and City, please visit their website.

website essentials

Top 10 Website Essentials

As time has passed there has been many changes in the way users view and use websites, additionally, there has been extensive changes in how a website is ranked on search engines.

Even today nearing the end of 2019 there are still plenty of websites out there that are still yet to be updated to take advantage of these changes.

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