E-Commerce Website Development Services

Our experience has enabled us to the design and development of many E-Commerce websites. They range from Online Shops to Business-to-Business trading platforms.  We have the skills and history to allow any business to trade online with an E-Commerce website development platform.  All our projects are bespoke: designed specifically for them.

Branding and Identity

We identify the look and feel for your E-Commerce website

Web Development

We code your E-Commerce website to sell your products online.

Responsive Design

We ensure your E-Commerce system works across all mobile and desktop devices.

Payment Integration

We ensure the end-to-end functionality of your website including taking payments.

Why Trade Online?

Online has become the de-facto way for customers to purchase goods and services.  Over £5billion was traded last year online – your customers expect they can buy online from you.  It’s no longer an optional extra for most businesses.

Your Strategy

Whilst we’re really good at creating online E-commerce websites, we are just one part of the jigsaw.  Businesses need to have a strategy in place so they are fully prepared for the requirements of online trading.  This ranges from order fulfilment to customer service.

Keeping Track

Once your site is online and trading, we have the tools and systems to allow you to manage your E-Commerce site effectively.  From analytics to see how your website traffic is shaped to your online portal to manage products and orders.

Different types of E-Commerce projects

It’s not always about “add to basket” you know.

Integrations with other systems i.e. Online Billing

Selling standard products online

Customisable products with variations

Online Booking

Regular Services i.e. courses, lessons, memberships

Payments via Card, PayPal or Direct Debit

e-Commerce Development

“Trading online is no longer something that is 'nice to have' for businesses. If I want to book my car in for an MOT - I expect to do it online. If I want to arrange an optician appointment, I expect that too to be done online. If I want to pay for something, I want to do it at my own convenience, not at the convenience of that business. Businesses who don't trade online are simply handing their customer base over to those businesses who do.“

Colin Harris
Operations Director, ITC Digital

Our Professional Team

The team at ITC Digital have many years experience handling E-Commerce website development systems.  Our accounts pass millions of pounds through their sites and services.  This comes along with cutting edge website design and development practices.

Colin Harris

Colin Harris

Operations Manager
Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson

Managing Director
Christopher Potts

Christopher Potts

Technical Director


You can talk with us anytime and tell us more about your project.