ITC Digital Service was formed in 2017 as the brainchild of Colin Harris, Peter Anderson and Christopher Potts.  Already with a successful IT business – ITC Service – employing over 30 people and working with clients in the North East on a 98% client retention rate, responding to client demand in setting up a Digital Agency was a natural next step.

The team spotted a real need from businesses in the marketplace to trust their online presence with a reliable, affordable website company.  ITC Digital has already made impressive gains since the start of the partnership.

Our team of experienced professionals contribute their wide range of commercial experience to every project. Within our team of Developers who create innovative bespoke software and our Creatives who create outstanding bespoke websites, we are always working continuously to give you, the client, the product that you deserve and a return on your investment. Our digital marketing team are always keeping on top of the latest trends and keep active across all of our social platforms bringing you the latest news. We are always looking for the next step to keep ahead of the digital game.

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