ITC Digital are leading proponents of providing responsive websites, and not every client needs to start from scratch.  

DMG Electrical wished to preserve their investment in their original website, and required that is be made fully responsive

web design

What the client said:

“Our site was well respected in the marketplace, but we were aware that we were losing market share to those businesses with responsive websites.  ITC Digital provided the ideal, cost-effective, solution.”

Step 1:
ITC Digital took a full copy of the website from the previous provider and liaised with the client on making some minor changes.

Step 2:
We re-wrote the code of the website to make it fully responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop.  We also made some further amends to the site including improving the gallery section.

Step 3:
We tested the site across a suite of all major devices and browsers and made the site live on our hosting platform.

The end result can be viewed at

dmg 2
web deisgn