ITC Digital is proud to launch a brand design and website for huddle culture: an innovative start-up business offering health & safety consultancy.

We were approached with a challenging brief to create a new brand and responsive website for the client within 2 weeks. Our approach was to best understand the new business and its offering – a new, ground-breaking way of offering corporate Health & Safety training to business-leading clients.

huddle logo

What the client said:

“The majority of brands use or infer a circle shape in their graphic designs, to demonstrate togetherness, collaboration and continuity. This is something worth exploring.”

KunektMORE - Huddle Culture

Step 1:
Using the information provided by client we created a new brand for the company using the “linked arms” approach for their logo to demonstrate inclusivity and company ethos. It was really important to the client that the logo/brand portrayed this message and gave a sense of connection. Keeping with the idea of the cirlce representing ‘togetherness’ it was decided to have the elements inter-link to represent ‘inclusivity’ and ‘collaboration’.

Step 2:
We then created a website replacing the standard “About Us” and “Services” pages with more eye-catching titles such as “Bite-Size” and “ConnectMore”. The colour scheme used throughout the site stayed true to the pallet of the logo, using a mix of blues and grey with the occasional use of purple to add some depth and to create more interesting an eye-catching graphics for pages such as @connectMORE.

Step 3:
Finally, we added all the required content using interactive and dynamic methods rather than just putting text on a page.

The end result can be view at

Huddle Homepage
Huddle page