ITC Digital is proud to launch a brand new website for I like to Print: a printing company that provides services to both commercial companies and the general public.  

The client gave clear instruction to create a modern, responsive e-commerce website that was easy to navigate. The client wanted to immediately gain sales and so we created a SEO and PPC campaign to drive traffic to the site.


What the client said:

“I like to Print was set up to offer our printing service to the general public, utilising capacity from our successful B2B organisation.  Not only did we require a new e-commerce website, we also required a plan to market the website and generate sales.”

Step 1:
This project was slightly different as the client provided us with some design guides as to how they wanted their site to look. So rather than ITC Digital creating mockups, we began to build the site straight away.

Step 2:
Once we had finished building the site we set it up on a demo platform so that the client could view this but wasn’t available to the public. We put through a few test orders to ensure that the process worked correctly before making the site live.

Step 3:
Once all details were checked over the site was made live and then we could begin SEO. We chose keywords that were relevant to the products sold.

Step 4:
We monitored the position and traffic of the site via its keywords and created a plan on how to maximise its position, we began to use PPC (pay per click) in a goal-orientated advertisement campaign. As a result, the website had seen more traffic and sales in direct response to the campaign.

Step 5:
Within the SEO we also monitored the health of the site to ensure that it was running optimally and that the Site Health was high. If we found that the Site Health had lowered we amended any issues to raise the overall health score.

The end result can be viewed at I like to Print