ITC Digital had an existing relationship with In At The Deep End – a leading swimming school with a complex cloud-based portal

The client required ongoing support on a system which started development back in 2009 and had been overseen by 3 different development companies.  They needed a safe pair of hands to ensure the system was managed and extended with a reliable agency.

web design In at the Deep End - Dashboard

What the client said:

“I’ve worked with Colin for years and know how reliable he is.  He understands how we work, the world of swimming has many quirks and Tom, Nikki and Colin simply get us where others don’t.”

Step 1:
We took a copy of the client’s system, database and key integration passwords and protocols.  We tested the system on our hosting platform and made many test transactions and sandbox scenario recreations.

Step 2:
We migrated the site to our hosting and kept client downtime to within 2 hours – managing the client to keep their business online and operational for as long as possible

Step 3:
We have made many extensions to the system including changing their Direct Debit integration, Payment Gateway, reporting and automation.  We have also created some new graphics for lessons and branding for new badges and fashionwear.

In at the deep end