ITC Digital is proud to launch a brand design and website for huddle culture: a national utility company making a positive difference to business owners large and small across the UK.

We were approached with a challenging brief to create a new brand and responsive website for the client within a few weeks. Our approach was to best understand the new business and its offering – intelligent tailored solutions to utility partners based on their size, risk appetite and utility requirements.

Intelligent Gas and Power logo (small)

What the client said:

“The first things they will do is google you. If you don’t have a website or any online presence, how is anyone supposed to find you? It’s just going to drive them away as your business begins to look shady.”

Step 1:
Using the information provided by client we created a vision board for the company brand, putting together a collection of ideas in order to give direction to the business. The cient really wanted to push being green and sustainable, represented in a smart, modern and professional environment. It was really important to the client that the logo/brand portrayed this message and gave a sense of intelligence.

Step 2:
We then created a website, after discuessing with the client the pages they would like to include. The colour scheme used throughout the site stayed true to the pallet of the logo, with a few addtional colours added in from a colour a pallette created from the vision board, to add some depth.

Step 3:
Finally, we added all the required content.

The end result can be view at

You can also read more about the brand journey in our blog.