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Do you have an old Access database running your business?  Still stuck using Excel spreadsheets?  Do you have many staff and clients who wish to share information with your business across multiple locations?  Do you have an idea for software to run your business but can’t find the right CRM solution?


…and talk to us about Bespoke Cloud Systems Development.


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Many business owners find that the answer to some of the questions above is yes but aren’t aware of the power and capabilities of a Bespoke Web-based System.  ITC Digital can design and develop software which only requires a web browser to access and operate.  Our systems sit in the cloud, so the business does not have to worry about installing software, managing licenses and operating systems.  Simply open up a web browser, and login.

As every system is bespoke, we start with a blank piece of paper.  Our Bespoke Systems do everything you want, the way you want them, without paying for extra and complicated functionality.

ITC Digital has years of experience in creating bespoke cloud-based software.  Our bespoke solutions live in the Cloud, require only a web or mobile browser for access and have zero ongoing user and license fees.  Each project is completely bespoke to the client’s requirements, so the software helps run your business exactly how you want it.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Using an old, broken Access or Excel database? Frustrated your software doesn’t do what you want? Does your CRM need antiquated hardware to run? Spiralling license and per-user costs? Does your current software hinder your expansion ambitions?

   Systems are designed visually first in wireframes before a line of code is written

   Each stage is fully evaluated by ourselves and key client partners

   We use Twitter Bootstrap to ensure all our systems work across any device

   Security is paramount to the build and design of every project

   All systems are hosted in the cloud for agile deployment and regular backups

It’s your system – what we author for our clients is 100% their property – no lockdowns or ties.