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Many online businesses explore new business opportunities via Digital Marketing.  Whilst a clever-sounding term, Digital Marketing is essentially everything that isn’t based around a website.  Due to the explosion of technology and platforms, there are a multitude of opportunities to expand and promote a business via Digital Marketing.

We work closely with our clients to suggest the right mix.  Not everything works for every client – a strategy designed for the B2B market may not work for a B2C business.  Some businesses lend themselves to being promoted via visual social media such as Instagram and Pinterest; others using more business-focussed platforms such as LinkedIn.


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There are a wide-ranging number of social media platforms.  Finding the right mix of platforms is key for businesses.  Before using any form of Social Media, a business should first think about why it desires to be on Social Media and what it is looking to achieve.  Rather than being on it for the sake of it, there are a variety of reasons why a business my look to use Social Media:

  • Increase awareness of the business and products
  • Provide a customer support outlet
  • Promote the business to the wider business or local community
  • Engage with people via existing social media campaigns
  • Use Social Media as part of a targeted marketing campaign
  • Promote the benefits of working with or at the company

Selecting the correct platforms is key.  Not every platform works for every business.  Some platforms have specific requirements i.e. the content length restrictions on Twitter – whilst others are more free-flowing or niche to specific industries or locations.  Our goal to create a marketing plan which focusses on the platforms which are most likely to meet client requirements rather than a scattergun approach.

Our plans will look at working the businesses over a timeframe.  Rather than a “cost-per-tweet” model, we focus on the goals of the campaign.  We are on hand to create a content and marketing plan which marries our skills at graphic design, creative thinking, animation and content creation.  From blogging to full service social media campaigns, we shape our marketing strategies around our customer’s needs first.

Everything we do has an end goal in mind.  Using a combination of software, tools and our own products, we provide clients with real-time information on the effectiveness of each platform, each post and each goal.  We aren’t content with a “pay as you go” approach, we want our social media campaigns to provide a real service to clients rather than just be on platforms for the sake of it.



ITC Digital provide clients with a full SEO service.  We offer customers a range of highly visible, up-front packages to promote their website in Search Engine rankings.  75% of web traffic comes via a search engine, so if you aren’t listed then you are missing out on many potential leads.

Our approach is a careful, methodical series of tasks which are bespoke to each client.  As SEO covers a wide range of factors, we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

We offer a range of services which cover the requirements of SEO projects.  The main three areas are:


We carefully work with our clients to evaluate their keyword portfolio.  Our first stage is working out the core words and phrases for each page of their website.  We then match these terms against various software and come up with a list of terms which will deliver results – the ideal phrases being high volume but low competition


We audit client sites first – to evaluate how “SEO Friendly” their sites are.  There are many factors which govern this aspect, from site loading speed, errors, missing links, content depth and technology used.  We will then work with the client and the site itself to optimise the site and make changes to increase the audit score to be as high as possible.

We then optimise site’s content – editing the current website words and images to best perform on search engines, writing new content and managing the structure of the site.  All changes go through a rigorous evaluation process – the performance is monitored, ranking reports given on a regular basis and proactive changes made throughout the lifetime of the project.


Using a range of tools, we concentrate our efforts firstly on assessing the current backlink profile of the website.  This is the number and type of websites linking to the site.  This has a direct impact on search engine rankings – links in from quality, authoritative websites count positively whereas links from low quality, irrelevant websites are a negative marker.  We help clients remove or disavow toxic links, whilst creating strategies to build new, strong SEO-friendly links.

Online Advertising


For clients who wish to harness the power of online advertising, we are experiencing in creating a range of Online Advertising campaigns.  Like Social Media, our campaigns focus on using the platforms which will deliver results, rather than just sticking to one or two areas.

We create targeting adverts and processes which are designed to minimise customer spend whilst maximising results.  Whether they be through Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Bing or other platforms, we will properly implement and assess our tailored campaigns.

And because we have skills across all aspects of Digital Marketing, we can tie this in with any other aspect of the business such as Graphic Design and SEO.


Many of our clients have rich success in using targeted emails to their customer base.  This form of marketing has many advantages over other “traditional” marketing such as print advertising and leaflet drops.  Emails are very cost-effective to send, can be scheduled to be delivered at any time, and provide real-time reporting on delivery and click through rates.

Best of all, our team are experts at designing eye-catching Email Marketing templates, optimised to both mobile and desktop email clients and thoroughly tested before being used on client campaigns.


The beauty of the internet is that everything a business does online is available for reporting.  We can track

  • the number and behaviour of website visitors
  • the rankings of websites on search engines
  • the cost-per-acquisition of a website visitor
  • the monetary value of a traffic from different sources
  • the click through rate from email or Social Media campaigns
  • real-time video capture of website visitors and how they use the site

The benefits of this to business owner are that we can demonstrate simply and effectively the performance of the website, the traffic numbers and the return on investment from Digital Marketing and website improvements.

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