We believe every business should have a website that is:





Having a fantastic, responsive, mobile friendly website is pointless if your hosting is not of industry standard.  A website which is unreliable, runs slowly or not at all, is not going to delivery business to your organisation.  ITC Digital offers clients a wide range of industry-leading hosting platforms to suit the requirements of any project.

Our hosting spans multiple servers with unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and databases.  We offer platforms on both the Windows operating system and the Linux/Unix LAMP stack.  Without hesitation we offer hosting which supports both common platforms such as WordPress and OpenCart, and bespoke coding on PHP or ASP.NET.



Every server comes with offsite backups as standards.  Taking backups offsite means that in the very unlikely event of a total server failure, a copy of all your sensitive data and files is stored in a different location.  Our backups policy by default is an industry-leading 31 day rolling retention policy, invoked daily.  This means that we can quickly restore any web site or server to a version up to 31 days in the past.

We also offer bespoke backup packages tailored towards client needs – to increase the number and duration of backups, to backup to different locations, or to make backups a core of any bespoke cloud-based projects.

Cloud Hosting

As one of the region’s most prominent cloud-based software provider, we of course offer our customers a range of cloud hosting platforms.  With partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, Azure and Google, we can help advise on the best practice for hosting “in the cloud”.  This can cover everything from simple CDN operations for websites, to putting entire business operations in the cloud and away from servers and hardware.


Our default hosting packages run a range of preventative measures to ensure that sites remain online for the maximum amount of time.  We constantly monitor these processes, and as server technology matures and new services become available, we adopt these to provide the best of services to our customers.  Measures include:

RAID hard drive configurations, in simple terms multiple hard drives silently backing each other up in real time

SSD hard drives as a preference, increasing reliability and operations-per-second

Malware and Virus scanning of server code and files

Realtime Monitoring (see below)

Advanced security protocols to minimise server vulnerability

Burstable Bandwidth for when sites have spikes in traffic

Patch management to ensure the latest server software security updates are applied

Pro-active discussions with clients to advise on security and website best practice

IP locks to prevent server, FTP and database access from malicious sources


As part of ITC Service, we offer a unique service in comparison to other Digital Agencies – a fully-staffed IT Support Helpdesk.  The team man a dedicated support system which enables clients to quickly contact us should support matters arise.  A ticket is logged, and an engineer or website specialist is assigned the matter to deal with.  Our support system works to a number of SLAs ensuring that all our hosting clients are given real-time help when they need it.  Support can be access via phone, email, online and is available both during office hours and via an emergency out-of-hours support arrangement.


There are no limits with our hosting platforms.  Should your project require more resources – CPU, RAM, versions of software – we can quickly and silently upgrade or migrate your server to different packages.  As your online presence grows, we help you grow using the best in current hosting technology.


Every server we offer to our clients comes with real-time monitoring.  A range of off-site services monitors the health and availability of not just the server itself, but functions on the server such as Apache and MySQL.    Our team are alerted by various methods and are on hand to resolves issues, usually before clients are aware of any issues.


Our team manage a vast portfolio of domain name registrations for our clients.  We register and mange the DNS on a range of domains names with both tradition TLDs (Top Level Domains) such as .uk, .com and .net and the newer domain TLDs aimed towards new businesses.

We have the facilities to register and manage domain names for the education and government sectors, securing registrations on the and for example – a service few Digital agencies can offer.

We alert our customers to upcoming renewals 2 months in advance.  This gives our clients peace of mind that their domain names will be renewed, whilst also giving them opportunity to review their domain name purchases without being forced to renew domains they no longer require.

We manage the DNS (Domain Name Servers) of our client domains and offer immediate support should clients require changes to DNS.  This compliments our other hosting services such as Email and Hosting, with our team experts at configuring DNS for a range of services such as Office 365.


As a supporting product we also offer email hosting to our clients.  Depending on the needs of our customers we offer a complete range of email hosting packages.  We set up simple email forwarding, POP3 and IMAP accounts.  Or for business-critical email hosting we offer enterprise level email hosting and spam filtering.  By using the power of products such as Office 365 and Exchange Online, we can empower businesses not only with Email, but with a range of supporting tools such as shared calendars, Office products, SharePoint, Power BI and OneDrive.