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Facial Recognition and QR code scanning

Our In-Out system allows users/staff to easily update their status. It also allows visitors to register their details, sign in, and produces a pass with the photo and unique QR code. They will use this pass to sign in and out of the building. It will start by asking the visitor a series of questions such as their name, car reg, who they are coming to visit, or any other necessary pieces of information. It will then capture the visitor’s photo, confirm the details and produce a pass for them to print out.

Introducing Facial Recognition

A new feature of our In-Out system is Facial Recognition. This uses the device’s camera to capture a small image of a person’s face and generates a unique string to match against the list of registered users. This allows the system to be accurate and recognize you as you and protect your privacy by not storing images of you, and of course should you not wish to use Facial Recognition the pass is a backup to allow you to sign in!

What can In-Out be used for?

Staff Timekeeping

Staff timekeeping can be difficult to track, so we designed this system to be easy to use, fast and efficient. With this system, administrators can view all timesheets for your staff members both in your offices and out on-site.


Keeping track of everyone who comes and goes can be tricky – the trust sign-in sheet is not only old hat but also not GDPR-compliant.  This is where In-Out comes in; not only can this system be used by staff but also visitors.  We have integrated a visitor section within the main display page so visitors can be tracked coming in and out of the office, complete with digital logging.

Health & Safety

With In-Out you have direct access via any device to see both staff and visitor movements.  You can see who is signed in or out, allowing you to take roll calls faster and more effectively.  This is especially useful in the case of an emergency such as a fire.

Unlimited Administration

We don’t limit you to a user or usage cap – you can add as many users, sites and visitors as you wish, giving your business the ability to add and view unlimited records, all for a single monthly payment.

Tablets & Kiosks

By using a Tablet you are able to set up a check-in terminal at the front desk of any workplace allowing staff members and visitors to chick into or out of work amongst other functionalities making a Tablet more suitable for office type locations.

Using a Kiosk in place of a Tablet can be much more useful for companies or businesses in factories or warehouses as a Kiosk will survive in harsher environments.

System Design

We are always looking to improve and adapt technology to aid how we conduct our daily business. In creating In-Out, we have proved that even the simplest things can be made easier. Creating new and innovative systems not only for our own use but to be supplied as a service for our clients.

Product Development

We are constantly developing In-Out to ensure smooth system operation. We roll out improvements on a regular basis, adding functionality and improving the user experience.

Responsive Design

We have designed In-Out for optimal use for any user on any device. We first began by creating In-Out to be used within a browser on a PC running windows 10 but with improvements and adaptations, we developed the system to run on mobile devices and workstation device alike covering PC, Mac, IOS, Android and tablets to name a few.

To gain more in-depth information, organise and set up a demo or to purchase In-Out you can contact us directly via Email or over the phone.

We would also appreciate your feedback on our system to help us develop it further and add more useful features.