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In our website reviews, we will document our findings from multiple standpoints and looking at multiple statistics.

Some aspects we look at are; site audits, toxic links, position tracking, competitor analysis and keyword research to name a few.

We also asses the design of the site and how it works across multiple devices.

Within the site audit, we can find the site “health”, how well the site performs, responsive design and errors.

there are many types of errors and they are listed as “errors” and “warnings”.  The most prominent errors are “errors” these would be the first priority as a single “error” can take a large chunk from the overall health of the site.

The Site Health can affect the SEO Ranking, the cost and effectiveness of Adwords and other online advertising.

Toxic Links are defined as a link to your site coming from a site with any one of many issues but most commonly the site linking is a “poor quality site”.

We review each Toxic Link to decide if the link is actually toxic or is in fact perfectly fine. In SEMRUSH and Google’s system, a site may seem toxic whereas the site may be perfectly healthy or even beneficial.

What you will get

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Technical Health Report

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Easy Steps To Improvement

Within the review document, a section will be dedicated to a detailed explanation of the technical health of the website, with explanations on what is healthy on the site and what is harming the site.

We will create a detailed explanation of your competitor’s website performance in comparison to your website, in terms of how the site looks, how easy it is to use and how it compares.

Within the document will be a section towards the end that will have a list of our suggestions on what needs to be improved in a priority manner with some easy step by step explanations on how to improve them and why it is important to improve these areas.

What can you do with this information?

All information gathered from our findings can be used to get the edge on the game, make improvements to your site or have peace at mind that your site is perfect. We can categorise the information gathered into easy to understand and use information allowing you to decide what the best course of action is for your self.

What have you got to lose?

As this is a free service you have nothing to lose from our site check but the opportunity and peace at mind of knowing how your site is performing in the digital age online.


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